No Day Laborer Left Behind

Boy, does Stop The ACLU hit the nail on the head. He is as fed up as I am with the takeover of our country by short-sighted, uneducated South and Central Americans that seem to think this is some kind of giant horn of plenty up here. They even want to take us over. I guess so they can recreate the kind of crap-pile they created where they came from.


Some Actual Facts And Figures On The Cost Of The Greens

Once again EU Referendum brings it home about the cost of our sell-out to the enviro-whackos. I know that sometimes articles such as this can invoke a MEGO (My Eyes Glaze Over) response but try to follow it through. There are some breath-taking figures, especially about wind power but some that deal with solar, as well. I am tired of these naive, knee-jerk ideas that usually center around electrifying everything with electricity that magically appears from windmills or solar panels. Maybe you can be the one that helps someone else wake up to reality. (And he is right about our being completely sold out to the greens. See one of my earlier posts on the subject.)

There is only one true God

This is an exceptional article on EU Referendum. He has really nailed the essence of GW and the enviro-whackos whole agenda. I have a pastor friend that identified this in his own way decades ago when he said that there is a new commandment, “Thou shalt do nothing against the environment”. The more secular the world becomes the more a new belief will take the place of Christianity. It has advanced in Europe beyond what it has here but the advance is happening here, nonetheless. Sites abound that refute the GW’s claims up and down the line but it does no good to point one of the “true believers” to them. They know what their “preachers” have told them. I wish they would use the right phraseology. They say it is settled science. If they were honest they would say, “It’s settled doctrine”.

Environmentalists Have Congress By The Short Hairs!

This article states what we have been preaching for a long time. Every bit of blame can be put on the major environmental groups. They have wormed their way into the national psyche bit-by-bit until it seems that the only sin a person can commit any more is one against the environment. They have been aided and abetted by the schools where they have been preaching social change for decades. They have produced a bunch of Manchurian Candidates that now will knee-jerk respond to the key words “green” or “diversity”.

Dr. Williams does a wonderful job of stating the cause. Thanks to for publishing it. You won’t see this anywhere else.

When Will People Learn (about the GW hoax)?

And yet another article about the findings of some learned people about the world’s biggest ever scam. What keeps people invested in this craziness? Are there that many that are poised to make a large sum of money off of this? (Besides Al Gore, that is.) Is it scientific illiteracy? What?

This is at the Intellectual Conservative. Also see Greenie Watch for some good stuff on the GW debunking.