Well, blow my mind again

Bizzyblog has ANOTHER article on the use of adult stem cells to cure diseases. If this trial proves out, it will be a bombshell. The comments he makes about the reluctance of the MSM to cover adult stem cell research versus embryonic stem cell research is right on.


“Climate of Fear” – Boston Globe article

Jeff Jacoby writes, “Here, for example, is former vice president Al Gore in 2006, on the threat posed by global warming: “Our ability to live is what is at stake.” It doesn’t get much more dire than that.
Yet here is climatologist Reid Bryson, in Fortune magazine’s award-winning analysis of global cooling in 1974: “It is something that, if it continues, will affect the whole human occupation of the earth — like a billion people starving.” It doesn’t get much more dire than that, either.”

As well, “In 1902, the Los Angeles Times reported that the great glaciers were undergoing “their final annihilation” due to rising temperatures. But by 1923, it was the ice that was doing the annihilating: “Scientist says Arctic ice will wipe out Canada,” the Chicago Tribune declared on Page 1.”

The real corker is the end paragraph, ” “The whole aim of practical politics,” wrote H.L. Mencken in 1920, “is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” Some things never change.”

Read the whole article. It’s very revealing.

Some more egg in your face, Greenies

Greenie Watch has an excellent article on the Globull Smarming fanatics attempt to use the Supreme Court to legislate the need for CO2 abatement. I feel like categorizing this post under Religion because GS has become a religion. These people use useful-idiot scientists of any discipline to try and put forward their doomsday argument. I remember a few years ago when the priests of the movement publicized a letter that they were sending to Washington that had been signed by some 90 or so “scientists”. Further investigation revealed the scientists had degrees in Psychology, Medicine, Animal Husbandry, English, etc. but not a hint of a climatologist. About that same time a letter was sent to the EU Parliament, since they were considering emission restrictions, that was signed by 52 Climatologists, Oceanographers (specializing in weather effects on oceans) and scientists of that ilk, calling out the GS’ers as BS merchants. Not a word of it in the media. (You have to understand that the MSM are the altar boys for the greenie priests.)

(My favorite quote from this article, “It (promoting wind power-JL) turns out to be about as intelligent a policy as sacrificing your children to a false God.”

I am sick and tired (again)…

of seeing articles like this in The Christian Post. To summarize the article, the de facto American head of the new CANA (Convocation of Anglicans in North America) felt compelled to issue a letter claiming that the motivation behind their pulling out of the old Anglican communion was not an “anti-gay” move. You may remember these churches are the ones in Virginia, eight in total, that split from the Anglican church last week. One of their sources of friction was the installation of homosexual bishop Robinson over a section of the Episcopal church on the east coast. The international head of this new Episcopal group, bishop Akinola, also felt compelled to issue a disclaimer to the same point.

Last week I made a post in this blog of how I was blocking the Arts & Entertainment channel on our tv because I was sick and tired of having the gay agenda thrown in my face on their channel. I was thoroughly and soundly taken to task by one reader for being homophobic, being responsible for gay’s hard life and a roadblock in their search for understanding and equality and the right to marry and lead a “normal” life.

I know that the gays know that the position of the church is, and always has been that we “hate the sin but love the sinner”. But that’s not what they want to hear. They browbeat the church over any perceived or actual slight to the homosexual community such as disapproving of having a gay bishop or minister or leader of any kind.

They wish to badger the church into acceptance of their lifestyle choice and make it simply another way of living. The problem of parents in the church having gay children is a touchy one. Many parents that wrongly take their children’s adoption of this perversion as a reflection on them and their parenting, are choosing to adopt a position about it that I call “accomodation”. By accepting and defending their children’s lifestyle choice, they are deflecting any guilt that they may feel over that choice. A retired pastor friend of mine claims that this rot from within will eventually bring down the churches that fold to this badgering.

The gays have accomplished their objective of linking. The rejection of gays in leadership positions is equated to rejection of gay people. The disapproval of children’s lifestyle choice is equated to parents rejection of the child.The withholding of leadership positions in the church has nothing to do with the person that is gay. It is the refusal to give the message that this lifestyle choice, which is a sin in the church’s eyes, has been given the honor that comes with the position.

Let’s quit playing semantic games in the church with sin. The church would likewise reject an unrepentant pedophile, an adulterer, a murderer. The church as well, does not claim to take only non-sinners for these positions, but neither will they take people that flaunt their sinful ways in the church’s face. A repentant pedophile would face some civil penalties for their transgressions. If they returned to the church most churches, with the church knowing their previous attraction to children may restrict their access to children (i.e., they would probably not be asked to be a children’s Sunday School teacher). However, they could take the position of elder, or congregation president or some other leadership post. The point being that they would still be accepted and loved by the congregants. This is, by the way, a fact in many churches.

The essential points;
1. You cannot honor that which you consider a sin.
2. Rejection of the sin does NOT mean rejection of the sinner.

Happy Hajj! You’re not invited!

FrontPageMag.com has an interesting piece on another major difference between the three world religions. On any Christian or Jewish religious festival any one is welcome and invited to attend and participate in the service. Not the muslims, however. We infidels are definitely not invited. You would probably even be killed if you committed an affront such as bringing a Bible or talking to someone about Christianity.

Scientific American reports on climate change data

SA has an article on results from analysis of seafloor sediment that states that, “Earth’s Climate Changes in Tune with Eccentric Orbital Rhythms”. The core samples that they evaluated come from the Oligocene period, not from yesterday. SA better watch out. If they’re not going to sing the party line, they might find themselves in trouble. Everyone knows that climate change is due to the irresponsible upright primates that are trashing out the earth.