Blocking A & E

I am sick and tired of seeing the incrementalism the media uses to advance the Gay Agenda. The latest is the mess that they are hyping on A&E about something to do with marriage. The ads are showing two men kissing which is inserted into A&E’s regular programming. It is, of course, meant to convince the unconvinced that gays are just like the rest of us. They live, love, laugh, etc. The only difference is that they live to love. And it is a love that is all physical. IOW, they live for sex. That’s why researchers have found that the average homosexual will have over a hundred partners in their lifetime.

I took the approach that I have done with no other channel – I blocked it on my TV. I also wrote A&E to tell them of my action. I suspect this will be one of those movies that will be watched only by gays and their political sympathizers. Much like “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”. I’ve noticed that this program has just kind of disappeared from the program line-up over at Bravo. I’m sure both of the faithful viewers are disappointed.

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