Lutheran Unity – Isn’t that an Oxymoron?

The latest email of LCMS e-news contains a headline that says “COP eyes ‘harmony and trust’, OKs proposed alternate route (to ordination – JL)”

We will never have “harmony and trust” as long as we have a church-within-a-church. Jack Cascione and Herman Otten and their little disciples will see to that. They are little worms that will eat into any good intentions and ministries that come out of the LC-MS. I just read a comment on the Christian News website that went to the effect of “I never realized all this was going on in the Missouri Synod”. And thus we have another proselyte. Missouri has been infected with a spirit of divisiveness that will not go away as long as there is power to be had.

I witnessed the naked power-grabbing at the Pittsburgh convention when Al Barry was elected over the incumbent. As a delegate, I was subjected to, and sickened by, the demagoguery that was exercised by the “other side”. Since then I have known several pastors that worship at the altar of Confessionalism and several that don’t. The ones that do adhere to that cause are invariably consumed by it, manipulative toward it’s aims and dismissive of anything that comes out of St. Louis. I have to wonder how they can face themselves in the mirror in the morning. If they look at what they and the national movement are doing, they can’t help but see that it is a naked attempt at power. They are still smarting over Jerry Kieschnick’s gaining the presidency over “their boy” and President Kieschnicks successful attempts at gradually excising their adherents from their blocking positions within the hierarchy of the LC-MS. After all the money that has been spent on the specious lawsuits, both advancing and defending, you can be sure that even more will be spent by the “confessionals” to try and unseat President Kieschnick in the Houston convention. How much good would that money do in the Mission budget?

But that question will never cause any loss of sleep among the “confessionals”. They are completely self-justified in contending for the faith. If they would only look at the fruits they are producing.

The COP has waved another red flag in their face by their  discussion of an alternate means of ordination. I can see the “confusionals” hair standing straight up on that one. I wish the LC-MS would go the next measure and allow the ordination of women. I can remember my dad, who was baptized and confirmed by J. W. Behnken no less, and educated at Trinity Lutheran day school in Houston, talking about the teachers he had at Trinity. The notable thing to me among the names, Teacher Schulz, Teacher Schroeder, et al, is that they were ALL MEN! That was the way it was done in der Alte Kirche. No women were going to usurp power over our men, by crackies, no matter how young they were. Then when men quit going into the teaching ministry, the LC-MS somehow found a way to get away from that old practice and start allowing women into the classroom. We somehow survived that diminution of practice. We will somehow survive the placing of women in the pastoral office. We either will or face hundreds of empty pulpits and dwindling congregations.


4 comments on “Lutheran Unity – Isn’t that an Oxymoron?

  1. Ernie Tiemann says:

    Thanks, John, for your passion about the church. You obviously care about what happens in the LC-MS. Missouri is very close to Misery which more closely describes what is happening in the synod. I often wonder how FatherGodChrist think about the zealots who so preciously guard the truth that they become what they contend against. Of course convictions count, but I believe that love trumps all and I do not see much love (which assumes compassion and empathy) emerging from the baleful souls of the TruthGuard.
    My best to you and your family as we hail the Prince of Peace once again on a war-torn and cratered field.

  2. Ernie Tiemann says:

    Oh! and congratulations upon leaping (Kierkegaardian style) into the present future with your blog. It is a compelling means by which individuals can more fully express themselves. And you are definitely expressive!!!
    With admiration, I salute you, and urge you to stay the course.

  3. Bob Fox says:


    I share your concern and celebrate the ministry of Pres. Kieschnick. The thing that struck me immediately in reading your blog is the fact that as sinful humans it appears there will always be a faction that is disruptive in that they want everything to be run as they see it. I believe we are witnessing the demise of LC-MS unless the future leaders are able to discern the will of the Holy Spirit and get beyond what is going on. I am angry at what is going on within the LC-MS but rather than hold forth on the anger and stupidity I will keep positive and pray that the positive will prevail.

    I also agree with you regarding the money that has been spent and will be spent in the legal system as the power struggle goes on. You are right on in saying and seeing how that money could have been put to better use in mission work.

    I believe we are taught to use the gifts of God to His people to feed the hungry and clother the naked not the attorneys.

    Keep speaking out, John don’t let go of the passion.

    Your Friend,

  4. Paul says:

    I hear your anguish, but find it harder and harder to get excited. We spend too much energy trying to save an institution (LCMS). That is not THE CHURCH. The world (and us) would certainly feel the loss if the LCMS faded from existence, but THE CHURCH will continue.

    Let the “party spirit” rage in the LCMS. What is that in comparision to the three children I will baptize (God willing) between now and the end of the year?

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