The ACLU’s hold on the court

Okay, here I go. I’ll stick my neck out again. This is a post from Stand To Reason blog about the obvious bias in a ruling in favor of evolution being taught in a public school and against Intelligent Design.

As a scientist I am disappointed in how this subject is being handled. In the first place, whether you believe (and it is a belief) in evolution or ID, it changes not one whit how a cell divides and the chemistry in that cell or the chemistry that is known about our body or, for that matter, anything we know about biology. The only thing it changes is your worldview. That was known in the very beginning when Darwin’s associate Aldous Huxley was asked a few years after Darwin’s presention of his Theory of Evolution, why this theory had taken the world by storm. Huxley’s answer, “Because it eliminates the need for God” speaks volumes about evolution and the evangelical zeal with which it’s believers adhere to it.

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One comment on “The ACLU’s hold on the court

  1. Bob Fuller says:

    Hear! Hear! My neck is right out there with yours.


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