Episcopalians Are Reaching Point of Revolt

The New York Times has an article on this movement within the Episcopal Church. There is already a group in the Methodist Church that has had enough of “accomodationism” that uses the diversity argument to argue for the inclusion of all types of perversion. Now this Episcopal group is choosing to leave and take their property with them. They are leaving the churches that seem to be in a headlong rush to accomodate any kind of unrepentant sin in the name of “diversity”. Some day they may see the error of their ways but, I’m afraid, not before they rip the churches apart and seriously inhibit their outreach. The whole exercise may be therapeutic, however. It is causing more and more Christian churches to re-evaluate what and who they are, as well as why.

There are also some stalwarts, such as the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod that are persevering in this area. There has not been a major question ever about the question of homosexual accomodation. However, the LC-MS is tearing itself apart over other strawmen that are being set up by the “confessional” (I prefer to call them “confusional”) folks. They have a network that operates as a de facto church-within-a-church and counters the national leadership with alternative workshops, regional meetings and even searches for new clergy. Instead of being thankful for the consistency of doctrine and practice that they have, they are scheming to gain more political power that they lost when their “champion” Al Barry died and was replaced with Jerry Kieschnick. Their adversarial relationship with the national church body is depleting the resources within the church and is giving an adverse witness to the members and potential converts. The confusionals are, almost without exception, not avid outreach oriented people. They are consumed with their reaching for the brass ring of power in the Synod. There is not enough time left after their power grabbing exercises to do much outreach or plan for it, even if it were a priority which it is not. Their attraction to people in the church is through fear. Basically fear of change masked by concern over some diminution of “confessionalism” which term, I daresay, could not be explained by most of the followers of this church-within-a-church.

This will only deepen until the church dissipates itself because many of the evangelical clergy and the national leaders are in a state of denial about these people and their affect. Or they think they will go away if the evangelicals adopt a little Johnny Sunshine attitude about the confusionals and their actions. There need to be more clergy that join Herman Otten and Jack Cascione – throwing barbs from the outside.


4 comments on “Episcopalians Are Reaching Point of Revolt

  1. Paul says:

    I enjoyed the comments about the LCMS. They were very insightful. I would agree that this is more a “power thing” than theological. The link to The New York Times was also worth following. We have been picking up members from that group over the past few years because of the positions they take.

  2. Bob Fuller says:

    Organized churches certainly have strengths, especially financial strength. But, my view of the New Testament Church is that God wants us to draw our strength from Him, not man’s ability to organize and to amass wealth. The LCMS may be one of the best about keeping the real focus. My experience with the Lutheran churches and members that I know is wholesome. I’ve also associated with some Baptists and Catholics who have really impressed me with their pure focus on trusting in God through Jesus.

    I’m in the leadership of a very small, non-denominational church. Our budget is less that $200,000 and we face some very real challenges here in our small town with no parent church to draw on. However, God always meets our needs. There are things that seem like needs that we want because the church in the neighboring town has them, but when we do things with those more wealthy churches I don’t always feel the same level of love and devotion as in our church.

    There are very real dangers in such small churches, too. If leadership wants to exploit people rather than serve the triune God, there is no parent to administer disciple and control the error of their ways.

    Bottom line; obedience to the Holy Spirit revelation of the Word of God is the only thing that makes for a good church. When someone decides to move away from that, imposing their will rather than the will of God, we have the problem that God’s created man has imposed on the world for thousands of years. Men like the power and authority that is Gods’ alone. Some will resist their own desires and not be drawn away from God and some will not and will be draw away (James 1:12-18 and 4:7,8). This can happen in any church, outside the church or simply in homes. The sin nature crowds even the wide way while the narrow way is sparsely populated.

    I believe God inspired the original leaders of this country to set the stage for the New Testament Church. But, the “wisest” and most educated among us have a better idea. I use “wisest” in the worldly definition. These elite are being drawn away by their own desires and, being in positions of leadership, they draw others away with them. Is it any different in the churches? I think not.

  3. John Lange says:

    Yea, verily, Bob. It hurts me to see all these internecine squabbles going on while the world is burning up, figuratively. I know it’s simplistic to apply the Rodney King quote, “Can’t we all just get along?” but that’s the way I feel sometimes. I see people’s attitudes turning to Satan’s agenda rather than Christ’s. They think their little twist on the faith is so all-fired important and worthy of sacrificing anything, including the mission of the church, to get it put forward. A pox on all their houses.

  4. Ernie Tiemann says:

    Actually, I believe that Rodney King was just paraphrasing Jesus Christ who said, “Love one another.” That is not simplistic, that is profound. And much more difficult to accomplish than hate one another, which is quite easily done. Whatever does not conform to some stone-set dogma becomes the object of contempt and, eventually, fury. Let us hope that love can actually conquer all.

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