OH NO! What is the world coming to?

The FCC has removed the code requirement from the amateur radio license exam. I will always remember being in the 8th grade at Immanuel Lutheran School in Houston and sweating bullets over the code practice requirement. My wonderful, all-suffering mom driving me all the way down to some building down by the ship channel for the exam and waiting for me while I was going through the FCC-derived hell that was the Novice Exam. In those days, 5 words/minute sounded like it was lightning fast. Later in my operating career it sounded insufferably slow when I was talking to a new novice. It was a rite of passage in a way. It made us different. Certainly different from those awful CB’ers. Just another waypost on getting older. I will now officially be one of those “old-timers” that had to copy Morse code when I got my license (call sign: K5EWR – the same one I got in 1958)

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