WT says Saudi intelligence reports a State-within-a-state in Iraq (sound familiar Lutherans?)

The Washington Times has an article on the ‘state-within-a-state’ that is throwing Iraq into a state of chaos. The insurgents have set up a shadow government that is funding and encouraging the car bombers and kidnapper/executioners. Until this situation is rectified they will remain in chaos.

This is an interesting parallel to the situation in the Lutheran Church-Mo. Synod with the confessional insurgents creating their own church-within-a-church. They were trying to take over the Fort Wayne seminary until the 2004 convention nipped their plans in the bud. That would have just about completed their plans to have an operation that would circumvent Jerry Kieschnick and the International Center in St. Louis. As it is now, they still have their own regional conferences, most do not take part in the District Conventions, (they come to the venue city but they hold rump conferences of their own people) and they participate in the National assemblies only to push their own agenda and candidates. This has been going on for decades without much being done about it. It has only been talked about among individuals and small groups in fear of the “cons” getting riled up and organizing a movement against something. If the reality be known, it was mostly an ostrich move by everyone, hoping that if we didn’t talk too loud they might just go away. If the LC-MS doesn’t say something or do something about it soon, the “cons” may just win a pyhrric victory. There won’t be much left to “win”.

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