Shame on SMU

I can’t believe a scholarly institution is guilty of using junk science to forward this kind of nonsense.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

By Emily Ingram

Tribune-Herald staff writer

Southern Methodist University’s Perkins School of Theology is
reportedly urging the Dallas institution’s board of trustees to drop
its bid to land the George W. Bush Presidential Library.

According to Texas Monthly senior executive editor Paul Burka’s blog,
a letter from faculty, administrators and staff of Perkins School of
Theology urged SMU’s board to “reconsider and to rescind SMU’s pursuit
of the presidential library,” based on what the letter claims is
Bush’s abysmal record as president.

“We count ourselves,” the letter states, “among those who would regret
to see SMU enshrine attitudes and actions widely deemed as ethically
egregious: degradation of habeas corpus, outright denial of global
warming, flagrant disregard for international treaties, alienation of
long-term U.S. allies, environmental predation, shameful disrespect
for gay persons and their rights, a pre-emptive war based on false and
misleading premises, and a host of other erosions of respect for the
global human community and for this good Earth on which our
flourishing depends.”

SMU, Baylor University and the University of Dallas in Irving are the
three finalists competing to land the Bush library. White House
sources originally indicated Bush would decide where to place his
library by year’s end.

Tommye Lou Davis, who heads the campaign to bring the $500 million
Bush library to Baylor, said Friday she had heard about the latest
situation at SMU but was in no position to comment on the matter.

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One comment on “Shame on SMU

  1. Lowell Goecker says:

    I think SMU has successfully ruled itself out as a location for the library.
    If they have such little respect for President Bush, they don’t support nor do they deserve consideration for such a heritage to bless them. I guess they
    just are too “lefteous” (as opposed to righteous) to deserve it.
    Less power to them!
    Lowell Goecker

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