American citizens line up to take “unwanted” jobs

Atlas Shrugged has an article about the lines of people that are applying to take the jobs at Swift that are now open. They are open because the INS raided the company and arrested several hundred illegal aliens. The libs would say that the illegals were just taking jobs that Americans don’t want to do. Ooops.

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One comment on “American citizens line up to take “unwanted” jobs

  1. Bob Fuller says:

    I saw some research from 1982 involving nine major US cities where similar INS raids were conducted and follow-up done. Of course, skillful journalists made it seem like most of the documented workers quit shortly after they found how demeaning the jobs were. Certainly, some did, or would find better paying jobs after crossing the “survival” threshold. But, not a huge percentage as portrayed.

    Within weeks many of those vacated jobs were filled by the same undocumented workers removed in the raids; the employers had held their old jobs open for them. There should be a very stiff fine for that! We can be sure that is going on this week across America.

    The MSM made a LOT of noise about the INS raids. But, they are quiet about this news.

    I’m trusting that the MSM will begin to lose their ability to deceive as more truth finds its way into people’s minds via the internet and other mediums. Bank of America helps their employees spot counterfeit bills by studying the real thing in great detail. Christians can spot counterfeit doctrine if they meditate on the Holy Bible with Holy Spirit revelation and understand the TRUTH fully. Similarly, deception by the media can be discerned when the observer knows the FACTS.

    The only hole in this theory is that there are persons whose itching ears don’t want to know the facts. Old fashioned parenting may be the only cure for that. And, the MSM is applauding efforts to get further away from old fashioned parenting.

    I applaud Dr. James Dobson for standing up for the family on national TV (Larry King show) and for answering Time magazine with unpopular facts.

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