Some more egg in your face, Greenies

Greenie Watch has an excellent article on the Globull Smarming fanatics attempt to use the Supreme Court to legislate the need for CO2 abatement. I feel like categorizing this post under Religion because GS has become a religion. These people use useful-idiot scientists of any discipline to try and put forward their doomsday argument. I remember a few years ago when the priests of the movement publicized a letter that they were sending to Washington that had been signed by some 90 or so “scientists”. Further investigation revealed the scientists had degrees in Psychology, Medicine, Animal Husbandry, English, etc. but not a hint of a climatologist. About that same time a letter was sent to the EU Parliament, since they were considering emission restrictions, that was signed by 52 Climatologists, Oceanographers (specializing in weather effects on oceans) and scientists of that ilk, calling out the GS’ers as BS merchants. Not a word of it in the media. (You have to understand that the MSM are the altar boys for the greenie priests.)

(My favorite quote from this article, “It (promoting wind power-JL) turns out to be about as intelligent a policy as sacrificing your children to a false God.”


One comment on “Some more egg in your face, Greenies

  1. Bob Fuller says:

    Thanks for sharing…

    John Ray also included this quote from Lenin: “The establishment of socialism in capitalist nations requires only targeting their supply of energy.”

    I believe that I can see growing evidence in America that Lenin was on the right track.


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