Well, blow my mind again

Bizzyblog has ANOTHER article on the use of adult stem cells to cure diseases. If this trial proves out, it will be a bombshell. The comments he makes about the reluctance of the MSM to cover adult stem cell research versus embryonic stem cell research is right on.

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One comment on “Well, blow my mind again

  1. Bob Fuller says:

    I, too, hope for a good outcome from this outfit. I saw the article in Forbes and am praying for their success.

    Be aware that Sacramento has their minds all made up about stem cell research in California. It has nothing to do with success or failure, morality or worldly “wisdom”. The issue on the table is funding for research to land in California.

    Once again mankind will not turn from sacrificing their children to false gods; especially money. What must God do to get our attention?

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