Are We Designs or Occurrences?

I would like to make this a new standard reference piece. Cao’s Blog has the essential argument to evolution believers to keep them from belittling the “Intelligent Design” researcher before they even get started with an explanation. What kind of science is that? The answer is that evolution has become a religion among most of it’s adherents. They left science behind long ago as did their brothers and sisters in the globull smarming camp.


Debunking the Myths About Nuclear Energy

If you want to read something that will make you grit your teeth and curl your toes, this article from Executive Intelligence Review will do it. The anti-nuclear troglodytes have bombed us back to the stone age, so to speak, by sabotaging every effort in past decades to build new nuclear plants. This article speaks to this and other myths propagated by the a-n crowd including the “wind and solar power will save us all” yodel. Send this to all your friends that are unsure about whether or not to build nuclear plants in their neighborhood.

Is Ford Motor Co. Slowly Dying?

There is an interesting piece at by this title. It conjectures that Ford will not be able to recover from this years record loss and the one that seems inevitable for this next year. They blame it on the same old thing namely, Ford’s “tired, old models that they churn out with the hope that people will buy them”.

I would choose to differ with them about this being the only point. There has for some time, at least several decades, been a backlash against the gay culture. I was first made aware of this from being intimately involved in the computer world. For many years of my productive life I was a lab director at a major semiconductor house. We supplied the microprocessor that was at the heart of Apple’s computers. We knew the spin and smoke-blowing that was the heart and soul of our competitors marketing program, that made the PC a pitiful also-ran in the performance area. What we could not understand was the outright resistance that most businesses had to the Apple vs. the PC. As soon as we found out that the PC salespeople would whisper in the ear of a prospective customer that wanted to compare them to a Mac that “you know that the Mac is a gay-friendly computer”, we had a collective “AHA” moment. It was not long after that Apple changed their multi-colored logo to one of a single color to escape the rainbow connection. This is a long way of saying that I believe a large portion of Ford’s problem is related to the boycott by the American Family Assoc. of Don Wildmon because of Ford’s puppy-with-a-sock-like espousal of gay causes. They sponsored a large gathering lately that was a celebration and ceremony of gay marriages. They buy whole page ads in the leading gay publication and are annual winners of the giving awards for gay groups. AFA’s latest alert is of a Ford sponsored TV program of more in-your-face gay activism .

I can’t figure out why they choose to be this way but it seems that it is not rocket science to realize that when you are drowning you don’t want to spit in the face of someone that could throw you a life preserver.

(Another indication that Ford is sensitive – I was trying to find someplace at Ford to send a link to this article. There is not one email address on the Ford website, either for their corporate offices or their dealers. I guess they’re getting tired of the emails from the “religious right”. Just exactly the opposite of how they should react to that kind of interest. Don’t buy Ford Motor Co. stock.)

WOW! You get it, don’t you.

Notice I didn’t pose that as a question but as a statement. I was just reading an article at Pierre Legrand’s Pink Flamingo Bar titled “Hmmmm…Mainstream Media getting the message?” He is making the point that the popularity of blogs is growing because people are getting fed up with seeing their news managed by the MSM.

It occurred to me while reading this that you and I are both part of a new phase of information dispersal. We are a huge army if you put together the thousands of these blogs that are out there now, along with their hundreds of thousands or, more probably, millions of readers. You by reading this and me by writing it are changing the face of information dissemination in the world. As Pierre states so correctly in his article, in his stint in the news industry, he saw the disconnect between what was reported and what actually happened. I think most of us would heartily agree. I know all of my VietNam veteran buddies have seen this up close and personal. I would just imagine there is a whole army (literally) of Afghanistan and Iraq war veterans that would stand up for this as well. It is starting to dawn on people how we were manipulated back in the ’60’s up until lately by both the content and the structure of the news shows on TV and the articles in the dead tree media. As was also stated in the article, you and I both are what he refers to as “the former audience”. May the movement continue to grow and prosper. Congratulations on your choice of not wanting to be spoon-fed.

Sexual Predators Get Free Reign in Public School

Stones Cry Out has the article. The subtitle is “Another reason to homeschool”. Aside from the open borders insanity, the war on terror (both internal and external) and the gay agenda, we need to do something about the NEA and our national school obscenity. How much longer are we going to stand for having our schools be social experiments rather than places to learn about something besides self-image enhancement and how to put on a condom, plus providing free in-house child care for unwed student mothers and weapons detectors at the school entrance. All this while bringing up the world rear in scholastics.

“AIDsing and Abetting an Epidemic

Wizbang has the article about this subject. The gist of it is that the gay community has fiddled while the rest of society burns. At least with AIDs. I have heard others decry the fact that AIDs is the first disease that has ever been politicized. See my comment (from John) at the end.

Peer Reviewed Global Cooling

Greenie Watch has the article. This is one of the key linchpins for anti-globull smarming. As the article states, “it has become popular for many activists…to claim that there is no peer-reviewed literature that contradicts the fashionable theory of the so-called global warming”. Well, that’s another lie from those folks. One of many. I hope the forces of reason in the Congress can continue to fend off the power seekers of the left but they are becoming strident.