Wish I’d said that about VietNam

Heaven knows I’ve felt it. The Astute Blogger has a beautifully concise piece on Iraq vs. Vietnam. I applaud his “bottom line”. This is the “Domino Theory” that the hippies and their useful idiots laughed away during our adventure in Vietnam.

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One comment on “Wish I’d said that about VietNam

  1. Pat O'Grady says:

    Well said. Sadly we are on the precipice of repeating history. I have hoped and prayed that after our generation departed, that our country might heal from that fiasco. The Democrat party now seems on a inevitable course that will leave a bitter taste in the mouths of our young soldiers, sailors, marines and airman for another generation.

    Even worse is my worry that those same disillusioned young people will age and have to fight the same enemy again (except on our shores). They will also have to endure the inevitable overbearing government and loss of liberties that could have been avoided with a concerted effort to WIN this war on terrorism.

    We MUST make every effort to elect better leaders who understand that the military is not a play thing for those in power, but is for the defense of our country … “it breaks things and kills people.”

    May none of us ever forget the oath that we swore: “…to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic; …” (emphasis is mine). While our troops battle our foreign enemies, we have a considerable battle within our country against domestic enemies of our constitution.

    I encourage us all to use the weapons necessary to defeat the domestic enemies of our Constitution.

    Pat O’Grady, LtCol, USAF(Ret)
    Proud Vietnam Vet, 70-71

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