Be afraid. Be very afraid!

The Brussels Journal has an excellent, concise article on some of the reaction in France to the EU restrictions on CO2 emissions. What Gene Miller does not mention is where this is all leading. The executive from Acelor steel makes the point in the article that increasing restrictions in France are driving up the price of their steel and causing customers to buy steel that is manufactured in places that don’t have the draconian restrictions that are in place in Europe.

I can see the wheels turning already at the United Nations. What we need to solve that problem is a world authority to regulate CO2 emissions world-wide thereby creating a level playing field. This will be easier to achieve with the newly-forming North American Union (new entities are always easier to manipulate. They don’t have the built-in stodginess of traditions, constitutions, laws, etc.) and the EU, which is already getting on board. What is needed for the U.S. (already becoming an archaic term, by itself) is to put in place a more pliable government, including a president that will be on board with world restrictions. Those pesky Asians are still going their own way to some extent but we will attempt to lever them in line eventually. If we can sell this warming con job to enough countries, we can eventually use the UN armed forces against them to enforce adherence to global emissions standards. After all, WE have to save the world!

This same excuse for world government was tried back in the eighties when the greenies were giving doomsday predictions about the cutting of the worlds forests and the resulting buildup of CO2. That whine didn’t get legs anywhere in the world so now they are trying the globull smarming baloney about carbon dioxide emissions. Their usefull idiots are already getting in line. A world class financier in India is buying enough copies of Al Gore’s movie to give a copy to every school in India. Now even the Weather Channel in the U.S. is becoming a political mouthpiece for the movement with propaganda-filled programs about the effects of globull smarming. The proponents of this ideological shell game are being very crafty in their use of a natural phenomenon (global warming, which has occurred before in the earth’s long history.) and tying it to our civilization’s progress in using our natural resources to improve life for everyone on earth. Greenland did not get that name from the early discoverers because it was covered with ice. The books that were written in earlier times talked about the heavy snows in London and thereabouts. Remember Tiny Tim struggling through the snow? When was the last time they had a heavy snow in London? Or any snow, for that matter? There have been signs of warming for a long time. It’s only recently that we have had demagogues come along that have used fear mongering to try to build a power base.


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