“Con job at the Weather Channel”

WorldNetDaily has this article on the arrogant, misled Weather Channel and their chief Chicken Little, Heidi Cullen, who masquerades as a climate expert. I would like to know what gets into people to start believing in this stuff. Is there someone at the top that is pushing this? If Ted Turner owned the Weather Channel I could understand but these people are graduate scientists that should know better. I guess people are able to be scared about anything. The lack of nuclear power plants is testimony to that.

(don’t fail to use the email address embedded in the article to drop a line to Kathy at the Weather Channel and thank her for pre-empting weather for politics)


One comment on ““Con job at the Weather Channel”

  1. Gene Hackemack says:

    John, John, John,
    I have already purchased 1/2 of a section of land, approximately where the true magnetic north pole is located. I plan to relocate there 16 SEP 2044 when I turn 100. We MUST plan ahead! – Gene

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