Another VietNam?

The article is at The Conservative Voice. I hope and pray he is wrong but Thomas Sowell is a writer that I would trust the most of many, right alongside Walter Williams.

A sample of his writing (speaking about VietNam): “…even the Communist conquerors have admitted that they did not win on the battlefield, but in the American media and in the American political arena, surrounded by an atmosphere created by a defeatist media.”


3 comments on “Another VietNam?

  1. Gene Hackemack says:

    Truer words have never been spoken. – You Doc from DaNang

  2. Gene Hackemack says:

    …that shudda been… “YOUR Doc from DaNang”

  3. Hi Vet. Hi Doc. This war is so similar to Viet Nam because the media and the leftists are telling us so – just as they did during Viet Nam. The Tet of ’68 blew the VC out of the picture in the South. They were decimated during their offensive. The NVA were pinned down without supply routes until Johnson stopped the bombing and allowed them free reign to resupply. The media was always biased, not so much in the field, but by the editors who would not publish their positive reports and replaced those who reported that way with more compliant (leftist sympathizing) hacks.

    I may have seen you in Da Nang, Doc. or Chu Lai. Good luck. Semper Fi.

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