Militias on the wane in Baghdad

That’s the name of an article at American Thinker. It is a blockbuster. It will not be widely reported by the MSM because it is favorable to the President and, since it is purported to be caused by the expected “surge” it stuffs a sock in the mouth of the cut-and-runners.

Aside from that, this is colossal good news for our troops. Can you imagine? Being able to enjoy the Iraqi people and help them without worrying about being blown up by an IED? Thank the Lord.

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One comment on “Militias on the wane in Baghdad

  1. Bob Fuller says:

    I have been drafting an e-mail to Congress-persons regarding the opposition to President Bush’s war plan; the current Senate resolution. I took a section out because it seemed presumptuous. I was going to note that if I was controlling strategy for al Qaeda or for the militia in Baghdad I would pull back and build my resources during the “surge” to let the Western fools believe they had been successful and then, when the pull-out occurred in the Summer, I’d come back with a vengeance and show the U.S. as a fool.

    The point I want to make is that Congress, by forcing prolonged public debate about our military strategy, is drifting in a very dangerous direction. This resolution and all the discussion for political gain is aiding and abetting the enemy. What if we had behaved this way prior to the Normandy Campaign in June, 1944? Would it have affected the outcome of WW II in the German theater? I don’t like the message that Congress is sending to the American public, the terrorists and the rest of the world.

    Is there still such a thing as a Top Secret clearance? Does it apply to Congress?

    I think I’m going to be sick…


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