The Psychology of the Self-Hating Liberal

Do you have trouble understanding why some of these foggy-brained liberals seem to be handing our freedom and our country over to the enemy? Why they seem to want to perpetuate the victimhood of disfunctional people by encouraging them to keep the culture and lifestyle that they have and yet, somehow, to be different?

I just finished reading a story in another internet news source about one of our mainstream religious denominations that wants to increase the number of members of minorities in their church. The head of this denomination confessed to a gathering of minority-race young people that the mistake his church has been making is that they expect minorities to come into the church and become like this leader. He further confessed the need to deny his “whiteness” every morning, to deny his cultural superiority and adopt more of the folkways and mores of the minority cultures. Well, excuse me. I missed the news item about how the African or South American space program is the envy of the world, or their great educational institutions or their medical knowledge and sophistication or their high-tech industries. What about their culture and folkways should we adopt? Should we begin to kill each other off by giving each other AIDS and other STD’s at a pandemic rate? Should we digress into internecine warfare and commit genocide on whichever race we choose to get cross-wise with? Maybe we could all open vegetable stands on the  roadside? Why do minorities choose to come to this country to freely engage in whatever work they choose and then insist that this country become like the mess of a country that they just ran from?

Ah, but I digress. The article here, at the American Thinker will help you deal with some of these incongruities, or at least give a new understanding of them. I didn’t say appreciate them. Few people outside of Hollywood and Washington, D.C. can appreciate them but at least it is a voice of reason raising a new standard. Let’s hope more people will flock to this new standard so that minorities can finally begin to move forward instead of being mired in self-pity and victimhood.


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