Is Ford Motor Co. Slowly Dying?

There is an interesting piece at by this title. It conjectures that Ford will not be able to recover from this years record loss and the one that seems inevitable for this next year. They blame it on the same old thing namely, Ford’s “tired, old models that they churn out with the hope that people will buy them”.

I would choose to differ with them about this being the only point. There has for some time, at least several decades, been a backlash against the gay culture. I was first made aware of this from being intimately involved in the computer world. For many years of my productive life I was a lab director at a major semiconductor house. We supplied the microprocessor that was at the heart of Apple’s computers. We knew the spin and smoke-blowing that was the heart and soul of our competitors marketing program, that made the PC a pitiful also-ran in the performance area. What we could not understand was the outright resistance that most businesses had to the Apple vs. the PC. As soon as we found out that the PC salespeople would whisper in the ear of a prospective customer that wanted to compare them to a Mac that “you know that the Mac is a gay-friendly computer”, we had a collective “AHA” moment. It was not long after that Apple changed their multi-colored logo to one of a single color to escape the rainbow connection. This is a long way of saying that I believe a large portion of Ford’s problem is related to the boycott by the American Family Assoc. of Don Wildmon because of Ford’s puppy-with-a-sock-like espousal of gay causes. They sponsored a large gathering lately that was a celebration and ceremony of gay marriages. They buy whole page ads in the leading gay publication and are annual winners of the giving awards for gay groups. AFA’s latest alert is of a Ford sponsored TV program of more in-your-face gay activism .

I can’t figure out why they choose to be this way but it seems that it is not rocket science to realize that when you are drowning you don’t want to spit in the face of someone that could throw you a life preserver.

(Another indication that Ford is sensitive – I was trying to find someplace at Ford to send a link to this article. There is not one email address on the Ford website, either for their corporate offices or their dealers. I guess they’re getting tired of the emails from the “religious right”. Just exactly the opposite of how they should react to that kind of interest. Don’t buy Ford Motor Co. stock.)

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One comment on “Is Ford Motor Co. Slowly Dying?

  1. Bob Fuller says:


    I believe you are onto something. Margie has been a Ford fan for all of her adult life. She has always wanted a Ford product. But, when she saw their blatant support of the radical gay agenda and she had the opportunity to buy a new car, it WAS NOT a Ford. We’ve talked to several other people in our community making the same choice. And, we’re living in California!

    If that micro-sample is any indication of what goes on coast to coast when a huge percentage of us disagree with the radical gay agenda, you have hit the nail on the head. I want the body of Christ to teach American children to love gay people but reject the wrong lifestyles of them and any others who reject God’s principles. I DO NOT want public institutions, schools and the government to teach American children to embrace sinful lifestyles. We need America to return to a Christian world view. We are the prodigal nation who has taken the blessings of God and are squandering them on wrong choices. We need to wake up and go home to Father.



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