WOW! You get it, don’t you.

Notice I didn’t pose that as a question but as a statement. I was just reading an article at Pierre Legrand’s Pink Flamingo Bar titled “Hmmmm…Mainstream Media getting the message?” He is making the point that the popularity of blogs is growing because people are getting fed up with seeing their news managed by the MSM.

It occurred to me while reading this that you and I are both part of a new phase of information dispersal. We are a huge army if you put together the thousands of these blogs that are out there now, along with their hundreds of thousands or, more probably, millions of readers. You by reading this and me by writing it are changing the face of information dissemination in the world. As Pierre states so correctly in his article, in his stint in the news industry, he saw the disconnect between what was reported and what actually happened. I think most of us would heartily agree. I know all of my VietNam veteran buddies have seen this up close and personal. I would just imagine there is a whole army (literally) of Afghanistan and Iraq war veterans that would stand up for this as well. It is starting to dawn on people how we were manipulated back in the ’60’s up until lately by both the content and the structure of the news shows on TV and the articles in the dead tree media. As was also stated in the article, you and I both are what he refers to as “the former audience”. May the movement continue to grow and prosper. Congratulations on your choice of not wanting to be spoon-fed.


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