Same Bad Science, Brand New Packaging

You know, it’s incredible the way the manipulators are using scare words to constantly harangue us with the need to do something about their chosen pending disaster. We here in Austin are now faced with a new campaign to “Save Town Lake”. Evidently some developers (oh, those evil “developers”) are trying to build some high-rise condominimums somewhere on Town Lake. According to these self-appointed protectors of our environment we are supposed to fear any kind of encroachment on what “should be” (in their estimation) public property or the ability of everybody to access the water from any point. This group will labor for us alongside the Save Barton Springs coalition, the Save the Edwards Acquifer group, the Save the Barton Springs Salamander people. Maybe we need a group to Save the Austin People from Groups that are trying to Save Us from everything. The article is at the Redstate Network.


The Discovery Channel’s christian smear

You knew it had to come. The way this thing was hyped almost screamed out “LIE”. Now the truth is coming out after every major media outlet has bought into this deception. I’m talking about James Cameron’s film and claim about having found the tomb of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, et al. Of course, the truth will not be able to cover all the yellow-sheet journalists that woke up at their word processors, smelled “big story” and spread the story around the world. Winston Churchill said something on the order of “A lie will be halfway around the world while the truth is still getting it’s pants on”. Alas, that is still true.

You can read about it at Captain’s Quarters.

Fiddling with Darwinism-Eugenics and Global Warming

This man has the handle on the whole picture. You must read this piece if you don’t read anything else about either subject. Wow. Why can’t liberals read stuff like this and see what they are doing to themselves and to others, as well. They are prostituting themselves for personal aggrandizement. I wonder if it is going to take something like Hitler’s concentration camps and their ovens to kill this current silliness, as they did the eugenics silliness. Come to think if it, the eugenics silliness is not totally dead. Margaret Sanger’s legacy lives on every time a woman goes into Planned Parenthood to have the unborn life inside her cut up and sucked out of her womb. Oh, by the way, plot the locations of the PP abortuaries on a city map – any city map of any city. Would it surprise you to discover that most of the abortuaries are in the areas of the city that are mostly populated by minorities? Think this is some accident? Be sure you put your tooth under your pillow so the tooth fairy can leave you a quarter.

British Gun Control bears fruit:More gun crime!

The Astute Bloggers has the article. Of course, we all knew it was coming sooner or later. Lawbreakers are not selective about which law they break. If they’re going to do something illegal in one area they certainly won’t reverse their nature and become model citizens in another area. Oh well, hope springs eternal in liberal’s hearts. I just wish some common sense would well up in their squishy brains every now and then.

Poor Darwin’s false religion

In a post at WorldNetDaily, Pat Boone makes a case (one of the many) against worshipping at the Church of Evolution. You know the church. It’s right down the street from the Church of Global Warming. You’re welcome to worship at either or, more probably, both. You will be taught how to practice your religion by poking fun at non-believers and doing whatever you can to convince other people that you are right in your beliefs.