Blogging from Sydney, NSW

Well, here we are in Aussie-land. What a place. What people. Ever since I served in VietNam with some Aussie Marines I have loved the place. Not to mention the fact that we speak the same language. Or at least, mostly the same language. I have been keeping notes on some of the tour guides most telling quotes that mark them as distinctly different. Some of my most favorite so far – on speaking of the prospect of the weather getting better, “the weather will be fining up later today”, talking about not going out drinking the night before we leave, “you can’t be out on the grog the night before”, as well as “shopping at Woolies” (Woolworth’s dept. store).

Today we had a “free” day before we board the cruise ship tomorrow. We went cruising around Sydney harbor and visited Totaranga zoo. Absolutely beautiful. It’s a shame that all the world sees about Sydney is the opera house and the Harbor Bridge. It is an incredibly scenic city.

As I mentioned before, we will be boarding the ship tomorrow and I have no idea what the communication will be. I may or may not be blogging for the rest of this trip. Stay tuned.

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One comment on “Blogging from Sydney, NSW

  1. Bob Fuller says:

    Sounds great! Someday you’ll have to share pictures and stories.

    In Him,


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