new Globull Smarming news

The Texican Tattler has an article titled “Al Gore is a Greenhouse Gasbag” that pretty much lays it on the line in the contest between hype and science.

We have just returned from a two week cruise around Australia and New Zealand. The news from there is grim. Some of the pols down under have fallen under the spell of the greenies. It’s understandable since, right now, they are the homebase for all the anti-whaling freaks. This is the whaling season down there and all the freaks are there trying to interfere with Japanese whalers operations.

The New Zealand minister of the interior made an unequivocal statement the other day that the Kiwis will come down hard on the side of globull smarming and will seek to increase their committment to wind and solar power. Of course, as is standard with these statements there was only a statement of belief in globull smarming and not a whiff of science. I don’t hear any of the GW freaks talking about scientific facts anymore. They know that every “scientific fact” they have put out so far has been de-bunked by real facts or has been shown to be an outright fabrication. The only thing they have left are words such as I have actually heard lately, “trust me” or “by now global warming is an established fact”.


One comment on “new Globull Smarming news

  1. Bob Fuller says:


    Welcome back from down-under. Good information about GW.

    I fully expect this cycle to be like other politically motivated cycles. It is interesting to me that as the House votes to tell the world that American citizens don’t agree with our President the polls say more and more of us agree. The average Joe-citizen has a limited appetite for the politically motived opinion, and these opinions become more obvious with clear and immediate communication (like blogs).

    I thank God that I live in a democracy. Above that, I praise God that He is my Father and Guide. I ask Him to preserve our democracy. And, I laugh with Jesus about how God chose to reveal His TRUTH to those who believe Him in childlike faith and to show the “wise” of the world as foolish. I believe He will never fail to lay bare the liars.

    It will also never cease to amaze me how born-again Christians will clearly state that they believe that God raised Jesus from the dead. But, they will insist that this same God could not have created all that we see in less than hundreds of thousands or millions or billions of years. With the God I serve, NOTHING is impossible.

    Good to have you safely home!

    Brother Bob

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