Same Bad Science, Brand New Packaging

You know, it’s incredible the way the manipulators are using scare words to constantly harangue us with the need to do something about their chosen pending disaster. We here in Austin are now faced with a new campaign to “Save Town Lake”. Evidently some developers (oh, those evil “developers”) are trying to build some high-rise condominimums somewhere on Town Lake. According to these self-appointed protectors of our environment we are supposed to fear any kind of encroachment on what “should be” (in their estimation) public property or the ability of everybody to access the water from any point. This group will labor for us alongside the Save Barton Springs coalition, the Save the Edwards Acquifer group, the Save the Barton Springs Salamander people. Maybe we need a group to Save the Austin People from Groups that are trying to Save Us from everything. The article is at the Redstate Network.

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One comment on “Same Bad Science, Brand New Packaging

  1. Putney Swope says:

    “Save Town Lake” was formed to pressure the city council to hold developers to the 1986 Waterfront Overlay Ordinance. They aren’t against development; in fact, several developers, inclusing Perry Lorenz, are supporters of Save Town Lake. All STL wants is for developers to follow the law. It doesn’t have anything to do with access to the water or redifining what is or isn’t public property. There’s a law on the books, and it should be enforced. You seem to be of the opinion that, because you don’t like the people behind STL or what you assume to be their political leanings, then the law they want to enforce shouldn’t be taken seriously either. I’m a Marine vet too, and I’ve always believed that laws should be enforced. And if they aren’t fair, then we can change them. But while they’re on the book, they should apply equally to everyone. To believe otherwise, as you seem to, is downright un-American.

    Semper fi.

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