Atomic power is a deeply spiritual issue for some people

Atomic Insights blog has an outstanding article on the Atomic Power issue.

It is, indeed, a deeply spiritual issue. Just the same way that Globull Smarming is deeply spiritual. That is, it is based on belief rather than facts. Algore refused to get pinned down by facts in the committee hearings he attended. No other “true believer” in GW will get pinned down either. They counter that it is “settled science”. Which, translated, means “I won’t talk about it”. The same with nuclear power.


Mexican churches unite against abortion bill

I wanted to copy and paste this article but it is by the AP and I am afraid of their tight copyright policy.

It is heartening to see someone else that is more concerned about the unborn. I see the libs are still using their fallacious “unsafe, back-alley” procedures argument.

Al Gore challenged to international debate

The site Greenie Watch has this article. There are actually a collection of articles which are well worth the time to peruse. Forward this to your true-believer friends. It will make their heads explode.

The author opines that AG will not accept the challenge. I agree with him. AG is at least smart enough to know that his position is based on faith rather than science or fact.

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry…

When you read this article you science-types better be near the bathroom in case you throw up. The blogs intro to this article reads,

“It’s Not Just Science, It’s “Post-Normal” Science:
And its “post-normal” science that “proves” global warming. Mike Hulme, the founding director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, argues in the Guardian that while scientific evidence may cast doubt on Global Warming why believe science? When a larger truth must be expressed, then “post-normal” science must be employed.”

Why ain’t you controlling those guns?

I have been watching CNN this morning (forgive me, it’s the only news channel this hotel has). Their lead story is about a mass shooting in NYC where an armed animal went into a pizzeria and started shooting. He also shot two auxiliary policemen who were in the shop but were unarmed. Their auxiliary (volunteer) police cannot carry weapons. (Of course not. They might shoot someone. Like an animal that comes into a pizza restaurant and starts shooting.) One of their other main stories is about an investigation into some kind of shooting that occurred there earlier in the week. I am shocked. I thought Mayor Bloomberg, with his highly touted buy-back program and his tough stance on weapon possession had just about stamped out gun violence.

Well, of course it is Bush’s fault

I found a wonderful new blog from, I believe, the U.K. called EU Referendum. The author covers a number of topics such as Globull Smarming and the U.S. circus. The latest article is a great piece on Darfur and the new-found concern about it by the left in our country. I’ll shut up and let you read it. It’s worth your time.