A Letter from Dr. Jim Dobson to the NAE

Some of you are aware of the letter that some members of the Nat’l Assoc. of Evangelicals sent imploring that something be done to stop Globull Smarming. I was embarrassed, as I usually am when pastors start to talk about scientific things. I have always felt that if they will stick to pastoring, I will stick to science.

Focus on the Family’s leader, Dr. Jim Dobson has published an open letter to the signers of that infamous letter. I hope it does some good but I’m not optimistic. Not when you have the media contact for the NAE , a Rich Cizik, making an assinine statement that, “it’s indisputable that human activity has contributed to global warming”. If it’s indisputable then why are so many climatologists disputing it? He has also stated that the church needs to take control of population control. He sounds out of control. I think he needs to take a deep breath and go back and read some of the dire forecasts of the seventies that predicted that by the turn of the century we would be stepping all over each other, there would be that many people on earth, based on an extrapolation of the then-current birth rate. What an ass.

Thank you, Dr. Dobson, for presenting a voice of reason and sense.

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