HomeSchoolers – keep your kids at home!

This is incredible. How can anyone still defend the public schools after statistics like this come out? The article at Vox Popoli shows that kids are getting short-changed. But wait! The numbers are along racial lines. Could there be a cultural element here? Could there be an influence from outside the school that are influencing this? Could mom and dad have an affect? Or in the case of, especially the black race, mom alone? Maybe there’s something to what Bill Cosby has been preaching coast to coast about blacks taking some responsibility about the sorry state of their culture and race. Maybe all that “free” money hasn’t been free all these years. And hispanics need to realize that we in this country, the sons and daughters of LEGAL immigrants came here with a work ethic that insured that our country would grow and prosper. That’s the same prosperity that you are here to ship back to your “other” country as fast as you can get down to the Western Union office. Thank heaven for the orientals. They came here with both a work ethic and a desire for education. That’s the reason that the Univ. of Cal. – Berkeley felt they had to put  a cap on the number of American-orientals they would admit to their graduate school. The A-o’s were taking every seat available based on qualifying scores.

What a screwed up mess. At least, if you tested those high school kids on their ability to put on a condom or their self-esteem, they would have aced the test.

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