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We will be on vacation this next week. We’ll try blogging from the road but if there’s no activity we will be back.

In the meantime, we are rejoicing, along with a lot of other people over the D.C. circuit courts overturning of the restrictions on gun ownership in the District. You can expect crime to take a plunge. How much, I am anxious to see. I’m sure the folks at the NRA will stay on top of that. I’m sure the Brady bunch trotted out all the old, tired arguments against it. You know the ones – about gunfights in the streets, stepping out of your flat and having to step over the dead bodies from the night before. Don’t laugh. Every time there is CC bill enhancement on the schedule for some legislature in the country, you can count on the Brady bunch to be there with this same bleak forecast for the outcome of whatever law is proposed. (I use “the Brady bunch” to describe the whole panoply of anti-gun freaks.)

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