Vitamin D casts cancer prevention in new light

Punniness aside, this article is a blockbuster. This turns some of the fearmongering of the enviro-whackos on it’s head.


The Obstacle of Black Racial Conciousness

I could probably get cross-wise with the law of copyright protection for using the same title as the article uses but it is so precise and on-point that I couldn’t resist.

I have been feeling the points in this article for some time now. An addition to the points the author makes in the ways that black America separates themselves I would add the names that blacks are using for themselves lately. Tamisha and Tashonda and Maliki are ways to identify their further separateness from white America. They are doing just exactly the wrong thing at just exactly the wrong time. Bill Cosby agrees, too.

This Lady Tells It Like It Is

This commentary appeared in the San Antonio Express-News today. It’s right on. I only wish now that she would follow it up with an article on why the abortion industry lusts after “partial-birth abortion”. Could it be the money? They’re no more interested in a womans health than a pig is in a flying lesson.

This is what SHOULD have happened at VT

…or how do those words taste when you have to eat them? This article is so poignant.

This article actually shows what can happen with “good” gun control as opposed to the Sarah Brady clones that simply say that we should restrict gun ownership without  ever saying how their method would do any good. Gun control (even in Europe) has never prevented anything. Even the Aussies are now having increasing trouble from home invasions and armed robberies. But they feel better about themselves so they can look down their noses at us.