I’m Beginning to Understand

I was watching the Weather Channel last night to see how cold it is going to get here with this latest blast from the north. I was also wondering in the back of my mind how the Globull Smarmers were going to handle this bit of weather that runs counter to their mantra. Well, no sooner had I wondered about that than the talking head stated something to the effect that, “You know, our Heidi Cullen has been talking a lot about GW. Now I don’t want you folks to think that this cold snap does anything but confirm GW. You see, GW affects weather by causing severe weather events, such as this one”.

Now I understand. In other words WHATEVER happens, it can be ascribed to GW and, therefore, “proving” it. I remember that’s the same stuff they were playing all during last years hurricane season. They were claiming that we were going to have a severe hurricane that would be the result of GW. When we didn’t even have a single hurricane make landfall, they changed to this new scheme, claiming that the very unusual nature of the season proved that GW was real.

It reminds me of the joke about the little boy that was going around his neighborhood asking people to pay him for his services. When asked what his services were he replied that he is protecting the neighborhood from elephants. When he was told that there had never been any elephants in that area, his reply was, “Yeah. I’ve been doing a good job, haven’t I?”.


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