Pagan Morality On Way To Becoming Law

You think there’s not an agenda working here? Thanks to WorldNetDaily for covering stories such as this.
You can count on this being the next effort by the gays. This is their Holy Grail. If they can get into churches (and into the nurseries and school rooms), they can accomplish what they want. What do they want? Two things: 1. Fertile grounds for recruitment of new sex partners, the more and the younger the better (statistics show that, on average, gays will have over 100 sex partners in their life), and 2. Elimination of their major block to acceptance by society in general and gaining of the status as a special group with special privileges (see “hate crimes”).

The template for this is the scandal in the Catholic church over homosexual pedophile priests. As a guage of the effectiveness of the gay media machine, you will never, ever see the scandal identified as being caused by homosexual pedophile priests. You will see them called “priests”, “pedophiles”, “pedophile priests”, rarely “perverts” but you will never see the word “homosexual” and “priest” appear together or, in the same article. THIS IS NO ACCIDENT!

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One comment on “Pagan Morality On Way To Becoming Law

  1. Bob Fuller says:

    If Oregon passes Senate Bill 2 the next logical step is to force government to hire all applicants including convicted felons and open jihad supporters for any government position. And, while they are at it they should authorize non-citizens to run for public office, even an Arab with a visa. Let’s break down all of those silly, traditional barriers.

    Thank God Christians have been provided with weapons that the world cannot stand against; “we do not war according to the flesh. For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God…” (2 Cor. 10:3b-5a) If not for this truth, I would feel like giving up. We are like those Hebrews of long ago who turned to the popular gods and found themselves in horrible pits. Then, and only then, they turned back to God in repentance and He, in His might and love, bailed them out again (and again and again, etc.).

    God hasn’t changed and He is still in charge. Man’s chasing after gods that make him feel good hasn’t changed, either. I trust that we will wake up before we are taken over by an evil nation for a few hundred years.

    I think all the past positive changes resulted from those who saw the problem for what it was crying out to God in anguish asking Him to take over. Let us pray…

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