The danger in The Amnesty Fraud

Thomas Sowell’s article pulls away the smoke screen from the “Immigration Bill”, while Pat Buchanan’s article lays it on the line as far as what this wave of illegals means to our country and our culture. After all, anybody on either side of this question has to admit that the mexican aerospace industry and their semiconductor industry is not exactly the envy of the world. Neither are their great centers for nanomolecular research. As a matter of fact, they are non-existent! There’s a reason for that and the reason for it is coming along with these waves of illegal immigrants. They don’t seek to contribute anything, as the legal immigrants that came through Ellis Island did. They seek only to take, by any means possible. If not legally, through our stupid welfare system, then they’ll just take it illegally. Then they can get a court appointed lawyer that will find some wussy judge that will give them probation and they’ll be back on the street. Easy street, that is.

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