A warning for America from South Africa

We have seen this coming for a long time. I only wondered how long it would take for the final result. The only thing holding South Africa together right now is the DeBeers mines and the money they bring into SA. I am heavily invested in uranium mining stocks but I have stayed away from those that have any operations in South Africa. SA will go the same direction as Uganda, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and countless other African nations. They will devolve into a group of looting, killing freebooters who know how to take money and spend money but have not a clue about how to make money.


…and now, from the Useless Nations , more news about WMD

You can mark this as another article that will be ignored by the dead-tree media and the news shows. Evidently Iraq was a bigger danger to more people than was previously revealed. But, alas, all we will read and see is how big a mistake Bush made in hanging that demented fool and his scummy off-spring.

Remember all those glossy promises about all the money going to the school fund?

Yessiree, folks. All we have to do is pass this little ol’ bill to allow gambling in Texas and all your worries are over about school funding. This article gives a peek into the devil that is in the details. I don’t remember anybody saying anything about the school fund making up shortfalls in the payouts to lottery winners, but that’s exactly what may happen. Ain’t politics wonderful?