Who remembers the Spotted Owl scam?

Looky what we found. These are the same folks that then took up their lance and jousted with the windmill called Hole in the Ozone Layer. You know the one. The one that was discovered only a few decades ago and, without research or proof that it was anything other than a cyclical phenomenon, caused a major upheaval in the AC and chemical refrigerant industry. Not to mention costing us all millions of dollars to change over to a less efficient coolant. Then, after slaying that windmil, they are now after bigger game. This time it is the WHOLE EARTH that is in “crisis”. Never mind that a huge number of scientists are sceptical of their claims. They are pressing onward with the righteousness of the new morality (thou shalt do nothing to harm the environment) and we, the environmentalists, will tell you when you are harming the environment.

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