Zimbabwe – Wildlife Suffer As People Starve

New news from Zimbabwe. Not unexpected however. The Blogger News Network has a piece on the further decline of the situation in Zim. I guess from the way things are developing the next thing they will engage in will be cannibalism. When is someone going to deal with this madman? Why are the rest of the African countries cheering this lunatic? They are as complicit as he is.


Courage, Cowardice and the Wordsmiths

I am rarely speechless. I don’t know what to say about this piece from American Thinker. It is one that I will have to print out and digest over time. The profoundness of it is noteworthy. There is bound to be a word for something that states such profundity in so few words, so succinctly. I stand in awe of this man.

The NYT, Vietnam, Iraq, Selective Memory, and Blind Partisanship

I couldn’t agree more with this article. Why liberals can’t admit the truth of this I can’t figure out. I added a comment on this piece that he forgot to mention that the Phillipines threw us out after our VietNam cut-and-run. They couldn’t come up with a reason why they should give us air bases and ports in their country in exchange for our defense of their country if we are going to tuck our tails between our legs and run at the first sign of adversity.

Bush was right. If we leave Iraq it will give huge amounts of aid and comfort to AQ. We will loose a firestorm in the middle east and, probably, here as well.

This may be one of the last words on Globull Smarming

Alas, Laddie, we will miss you. I’ll have to pick on abortion and the rush to legitimize sodomy in the church. This article makes a lot of points. The most germane of these is to point out the true gravy train that GW alarmists are riding on. No wonder they are so reluctant to let go of the fat hog they’ve been riding. The other article may be showing the nail in the coffin. The leading proponent of AGW (anthropogenic global warming) and the person that denigrated the Bush white house for suppressing AGW proponents is lashing out at the growing number of critics and turncoats. I suppose there are some scientists that still have a conscience. However this subject ends, and be assured my friends, it will end, it will be with a whimper and not the bang it started with. There are too many red faces for them to just come out and admit that they are dead wrong. I hope they live with their well-deserved shame for leading the world around by the nose for their own financial ends.

The undocumented-American murderer, on bail

PrairiePundit puts it on the line. Can you answer the question? Not the main one that is mentioned in the article. I mean the one that asks why the liberal media have such an aversion to naming immigration status of these perps.  This is only one example of the MSM’s long-standing bias. Is it any wonder why fewer and fewer people trust the dead tree media and ever-fewer are subscribing to them. I know that our local rag is becoming little more than a pamphlet during the week. They can’t die soon enough.

Another Nail in the Coffin of South Africa

This story is another canary in the mine (if you will excuse the mining analogy) that points to the imminent decline and collapse of South Africa. They note that once a deep mine is closed it will, most likely, never open again. I think this is being done on purpose.

Given that the government has a definite socialist bent, I believe that they are after all the manufacturing concerns and are going to squeeze until they leave. I would have not thought they would be so brash as to think they could run the management of these places out of SA and then run it by themselves. It makes sense when you put that idea together with their undying support for their comrade in Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, with his confiscation of the white farms and redistribution to blacks and the following trashing of the economy of Zimbabwe. The “turn-out-the-lights” moment will be when you see the management of DeBeers taking flight. I fear this is not far off.

You can expect more of this…

Hold on to your hats. This is not the first or anywhere near the last you’ll hear of stuff like this. The statistics were just announced today that gays are subject to assault by other gays by an extremely wide margin. Makes kind of a mockery of the sobriquet “gay”, doesn’t it?

Oh, by the way, the reason why the homosexual priests were going after little altar boys is that the force behind the majority of gays is RECRUITMENT. They have tried to convince normal people that they are “just people like we are” but that won’t wash with the current news. (or lack of news – ever wonder why you never saw the pedophile priests identified as homosexual? There’s a good reason for that. Ask the gay PR machine why that occurred.)

Wait until the gays get their Ultimate Goal. That is to get in the classrooms so that they have all those little darlings subject to them and looking up to them as heroes and role models. They passed another milestone the other day. The NEA passed a motion that they will now officially teach homosexuality as just another “alternative life-style” and will incorporate material in their curricula to that effect.