You can expect more of this…

Hold on to your hats. This is not the first or anywhere near the last you’ll hear of stuff like this. The statistics were just announced today that gays are subject to assault by other gays by an extremely wide margin. Makes kind of a mockery of the sobriquet “gay”, doesn’t it?

Oh, by the way, the reason why the homosexual priests were going after little altar boys is that the force behind the majority of gays is RECRUITMENT. They have tried to convince normal people that they are “just people like we are” but that won’t wash with the current news. (or lack of news – ever wonder why you never saw the pedophile priests identified as homosexual? There’s a good reason for that. Ask the gay PR machine why that occurred.)

Wait until the gays get their Ultimate Goal. That is to get in the classrooms so that they have all those little darlings subject to them and looking up to them as heroes and role models. They passed another milestone the other day. The NEA passed a motion that they will now officially teach homosexuality as just another “alternative life-style” and will incorporate material in their curricula to that effect.

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