Another Nail in the Coffin of South Africa

This story is another canary in the mine (if you will excuse the mining analogy) that points to the imminent decline and collapse of South Africa. They note that once a deep mine is closed it will, most likely, never open again. I think this is being done on purpose.

Given that the government has a definite socialist bent, I believe that they are after all the manufacturing concerns and are going to squeeze until they leave. I would have not thought they would be so brash as to think they could run the management of these places out of SA and then run it by themselves. It makes sense when you put that idea together with their undying support for their comrade in Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, with his confiscation of the white farms and redistribution to blacks and the following trashing of the economy of Zimbabwe. The “turn-out-the-lights” moment will be when you see the management of DeBeers taking flight. I fear this is not far off.

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