This may be one of the last words on Globull Smarming

Alas, Laddie, we will miss you. I’ll have to pick on abortion and the rush to legitimize sodomy in the church. This article makes a lot of points. The most germane of these is to point out the true gravy train that GW alarmists are riding on. No wonder they are so reluctant to let go of the fat hog they’ve been riding. The other article may be showing the nail in the coffin. The leading proponent of AGW (anthropogenic global warming) and the person that denigrated the Bush white house for suppressing AGW proponents is lashing out at the growing number of critics and turncoats. I suppose there are some scientists that still have a conscience. However this subject ends, and be assured my friends, it will end, it will be with a whimper and not the bang it started with. There are too many red faces for them to just come out and admit that they are dead wrong. I hope they live with their well-deserved shame for leading the world around by the nose for their own financial ends.

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