This Will Make You Sick!

There are two articles at Atlas Shrugs that are indicative of the temper of our times. The first is one that reveals the treachery that is written into the Dems opposition to the Patriot Act. The second goes straight at the perfidy of the Dems and their seeking to use the war and dead US servicemen for their political advantage. This is the same pattern that they followed with the Vietnam war. They will exploit the “No guns for oil” mis-characterization and variations to the point of exhaustion. The endgame for all this is power. George Soros wants to control the politics in the USA the same way he is setting up agencies in Europe to control that arena. There are unbelievable amounts of money to be made in currency trading, which is Soros’ game. If you can control the government, you can control the economy thereby funneling huge amounts of money into your own pocket. Think I’m paranoid? Google “George Soros” and read about his efforts in Europe.


Global warming prize money raised to $125K

I love Steve Milloy over at He has been ragging on the globull smarming freaks since they started their little con job. He has had a prize posted forever for someone that can prove that GS is human-sourced. Now he has raised it. I don’t think he is afraid of having to pay it out. Anyway, his site is good to just keep on hand for any and all of our pseudo-scientists tomfoolery. He is quick to debunk their spurious, knee-jerk BS.

Enoch Powell spoke the truth on immigration

From a comment in the article in the blog “Vox Populi” that is titled more of what’s killing you. It’s well worth reading, if you dare.

by Don Feder
February 16, 1998
Enoch Powell spoke the truth on immigration

BRITISH POLITICIAN Enoch Powell, a member of Parliament for 37 years, died on Sunday. Powell was a man of extraordinary ability, who had the courage to speak the truth on immigration. For this, he was driven from the Tory leadership and became known as the best prime minister Britain never had.

The son of teachers, Powell won a scholarship to Cambridge, was a professor of Greek at 25, enlisted in the British army as a private at the outset of World War II and rose to the rank of brigadier general.

A Thatcherite before Thatcher, Powell was a forceful intellectual and an eloquent speaker.

On his death, Margaret Thatcher said: “There will never be anybody else so compelling as Enoch Powell. He had a rare combination of qualities all founded on an unfaltering belief in God, an unshakable loyalty to family and friends, and an unswerving devotion to our country.”

But Powell is best remembered for a controversial 1968 address warning of the dangers to national unity from immigration, which came to be known as the “Rivers of Blood” speech.

Powell saw immigration from Britain’s former colonies leading to an upsurge of crime and poverty and the fragmentation of British society. From his vantage point, the future looked bleak. “Like the Roman,” Powell observed, “I seem to see the River Tiber foaming with much blood.”

The Tory reaction was to brand him a racist. Powell was removed from Edward Heath’s shadow cabinet and forever barred from the prime ministership.

Conservatives have a long and depressing tradition of bludgeoning immigration skeptics. In 1993, Winston Churchill, grandson of Britain’s wartime prime minister, made similar observations. Churchill noted that while immigrants accounted for 6 percent of the nation, in some cities they constituted half the population.

Then-Prime Minister John Major, seeking to reassure the British, predicted that 50 years hence spinsters would still bicycle to communion on Sunday morning. “More likely the muezzin will be calling Allah’s faithful to the High Main Street Mosque,” Churchill countered. For integrity to match his namesake’s, Churchill was excoriated by members of Major’s cabinet.

Among the tributes delivered on Powell’s passing, William Hague, the current Tory leader, said, “Powell spoke his mind without fear or favor.” When Lord Norman Tebbit spoke his, at the Conservative Party Conference last year, Hague’s gang rushed to disown him.

Tebbit didn’t urge that immigration be curtailed, but merely warned of the dangers of multiculturalism. The children of immigrants “born here should be taught that British history is their history, or they will forever be foreigners holding British passports and this kingdom will become a Yugoslavia,” Tebbit warned.

“Tebbit gives the impression of intolerance,” Hague’s office clucked. “William Hague wants to build a multicultural society.” Well, good luck to him, and God save the Queen.

Still, Britain’s immigration problems seem trifling next to our own. By the latest count, 9.2 percent of our population is foreign-born. In California, that figure rises to 25 percent.

Due largely to immigration (at the rate of about 1.5 million a year, 90 percent non-white), Americans of European stock will decline from 73.6 percent of the population today to 52.8 percent in 2050.

Augmenting the welfare rolls and crime statistics aren’t the only contributions of newcomers. Like Enoch Powell, the more discerning among us see our national identity slipping through porous borders.

In his monograph Huddled Cliches, Larry Auster warns: “In addition to the millions of people who see the United States as a candy store without a lock, a significant number of immigrants have a conscious animus against this country.

“A very bright Bengali-American college student… told her college English class that the word ‘American’ is ‘Orwellian’ because it imposes an identity on her that she doesn’t feel. ‘I am not an American. I’m Bengali.'”

Those who dare to recognize reality get the Powell treatment. The American elite can’t take the truth today any more than Britain’s could 30 years ago.

In surveying the ruins of a once promising career, Powell stoically commented: “All political careers end in failure. No regrets.”

At least Enoch Powell won’t have to witness the balkanization of his nation. Your children and grandchildren won’t be nearly so fortunate.
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Environmental whacko’s favorite words and phrases

I have been compiling a list of favorite phrases used by the loony left anthropogenic globull smarmers. When you read an article by one of the chicken-littlers you will invariably find these words and phrases sprinkled liberally (double entendré intended) throughout. If you can add to these, please do. I welcome any and all contributions.

The words:

Could possibly
It’s possible that
most likely

Obituary: Trans Texas Corridor

 …and I hope it doesn’t rest in peace. I wish it would come back to give no peace at all to the scumbags that have visited all this toll subterfuge on the citizens of Texas. I cannot believe how the freedom-loving, independent-minded people in this state have just rolled over for this toll road crap. Our legislators are laughing up their sleeves at how they pulled one over on the rubes that vote for them. They managed to put in place a new tax that we don’t see as a tax and they did it without having to vote on it. Now they can continue to raid the highway funds even more for projects that will buy them votes.

The article is here.