A relevant piece here about our national embarrassment to scientists everywhere. Last night I was passing over some talking head that was bloviating (can you guess which person I watch?) about how this prize for Algore will increase his credibility with human-caused globull smarming. That will only happen with the “true believers”. I see everyone else smirking or outright laughing. What a joke this man is. But you have to admit he is a crafty politician. He is ignoring all the negative stuff about his little money-making cause and acting like he doesn’t hear it. This is an old politicians trick. They hope that the other side will give up and let them have the day. It might work. The U.S. voter has both a short attention span and a short memory. If it does work, get out your checkbook. There is already talk about raising taxes to pay for our contribution to “saving the planet”.


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