States Raise Taxes, Issue Bonds, Invent Non-Solutions

An article at Seeking Alpha talks about Chicago, Michigan and California. The same thing is going on in Texas. If you think you’ve seen tax increases now, just wait until the next session of the legislature. When have you ever heard a legislator talk about re-ordering priorities of spending? When you ever heard one saying that we have to cut spending? How long do we have to wait for that? Anyone that says anything about cutting funds for anyone gets killed at the election booth.

Then there is the old scam of politicians. Can you spot it in the featured article? Michigan’s democratic governor Granholm’s statement, “We prevented massive cuts to public education, health care and public safety…” is one. What it fails to address is that there are plenty of other things in the budget that certainly could afford to be cut but scum-bag pols will always threaten to cut mom and apple pie things. Some commission to rescue the endangered blind cave spider would not be missed by too many folks but they will talk about having to take food out of childrens mouths, having kids dying by the millions because they won’t get this or that immunization. I was in New York several years ago when they were facing a budget shortfall. In the appeal for more money from the taxpayers the mayor threatened to have to close the zoos and the libraries. What a chump. He threatens to close the most used entities to scare the people into thinking that they will lose these if they don’t vote for more taxes. That dishonesty should be enough to vote them out of office.

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