New Orleans is self-destructing

The story is here about the District Attorney’s office. First the newly elected black DA fires all the white employees and replaces them with blacks. Then when a judgement is found against him for that action and he is ordered to pay restitution he refuses. This is another YWSTSITMSM (You Won’t See This In The Main Stream Media) story. How can somebody be so stupid to think that action like this will bring anything but bad results?

After observing Africa’s internal politics for many years I heartily agree with the sentence from The Astute Bloggers which pointed me to this story, “If he had been a white Republican, the national media would have been all over this years ago. But they seem to accept from African-Americans exactly the sort of behavior that has made Africa such a lawless place. I can’t see that they do anybody any favors by that. It’s just another form of racism. They judge a man by his race and have different standards for different races.”

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