‘Global Warming’ As Pathological Science

There is a lot in this article at The American Thinker. They account for a large amount of the scientific frauds of this and the latter parts of the just-past century. One that they missed, however, is the Ozone Hole. That one stunk from the word ‘go’. We had just figured out how to see the extent of the ozone, it was determined over a few year period that it was decreasing and BOOM! Immediately it was determined; 1. that it must be due to freon, 2. that it is a new phenomenon (not a recurring one), and 3. we must do something about it NOW or we will be facing a global environmental catastrophe. (Sound familiar?) Now you don’t hear anything about it. Why? Is it because our societies Chicken Little’s have solved the problem and have now gone on to more crusades against the demons of our natural world? A lot of the reason is that just recently the foundation, the mechanism of ozone destruction, has been proven to be false. In addition the size of the hole has been varying all over the place. The ‘true believers’ are saying that it must be due to temperature fluctuations that are due to – what else – Global Warming.

I’m getting tired of this BS from the ‘scientific’ community. But the next thing that comes along that warns about impending global doom will probably be swallowed hook, line and sinker by the gullible among us. Some people just seem to be waiting for something to be excised about.

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