2007 “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians”

Judicial Watch has the list. Betcha can’t guess who’s on top.


The Brits Are Going Daft

From “Shooting The Messenger” blog:
Rules say homes must be safe for robbers
Today at 9:06 PM
“A woman who suffered a break-in robbery in which she lost some valuable antiques worth “thousands” has been told she could face a significant liability if she beefs up her home’s security, and a returning robber would be injured.
The woman had antiques and personal items worth “thousands” stolen from her home during her absence to attend to the needs of her brother, suffering with cancer.

The invaders smashed through a security gate and broke windows in order to get inside, police reports said.

During their investigation, Rugby police provided her with a crime-fighting booklet that discusses home security.

But she told the Advertiser when she asked about putting in a new security fence and upgrading its capabilities, she was told the laws on liability meant she risked a police investigation herself if any trespassers hurt themselves climbing it.

She had wanted to add barbed wire to the fence in order to reduce the ease with which the robbers apparently gained access to her home.

But the Warwickshire Police “Operation Impact” booklet, which gives victims information on crime-fighting, suggested she could risk a prosecution herself if someone would be hurt.”

This is absolutely TOO funny. Even if its true. The Brits have allowed things to go this far south; harm a burglar, and go to jail.

(When are these people going to get a bit of good common sense? – JL)

Celebrate Your Taxes

What a distasteful subject for the New Year. I thought you might like to see those awful “Earmarks”. What they are and where they go. Don’t worry about from whom they come. All the pigs have their nose in the trough. You know how it is in the pigpen. If you don’t come when the farmer yells “Soo-eeee, pig” you won’t get any. All the other pigs will get it all.

Enough with the barnyard analogies. Here is a list of them all (earmarks, not barnyard analogies). Including a study on the reuse of refractory sand. Boy, I was afraid they might miss that one. Talk about your national priorities. Anyhow, say goodbye to your money, folks.

Have a Happy and Blessed New Year. Don’t forget that we now work more than half the year to pay all the taxes that are levied on us. I have a list of all the taxes we pay. When your stomachs have settled down I might link you to all those.

(By-the-by, if you decide that you want to print all these out, be forewarned that there are a few short of 700 pages of them.)

Our Country Really Is Racially Biased

And this article in the American Thinker proves it. Thanks Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and all the rest of you race-baiting scum. You are responsible for the backlash that this case, O. J. and Rodney “Can’t we all just get along” King and the Jena Six among others are starting to cause. It’s about time we have a backlash. I’m sick and tired of giving these pukes awards for shooting anybody of another race.

When So-Called Experts Deceive Themselves

Wow, is there a lot of meat in this article in Pajamas Media! I can see the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod engaging in some of this kind of thought. I always refer to it, from any source, as “Little Johnny Sunshine” stuff. As in “Oh, everythings just fine” or words to that effect. How many of us have not seen something go down in flames all the while the people supporting it are putting out “Little Johnny Sunshine” statements?

Honest assessments of a situation are hard to find. Where are your blind spots? What are you doing wrong that the numbers are pointedly telling you is wrong?