Celebrate Your Taxes

What a distasteful subject for the New Year. I thought you might like to see those awful “Earmarks”. What they are and where they go. Don’t worry about from whom they come. All the pigs have their nose in the trough. You know how it is in the pigpen. If you don’t come when the farmer yells “Soo-eeee, pig” you won’t get any. All the other pigs will get it all.

Enough with the barnyard analogies. Here is a list of them all (earmarks, not barnyard analogies). Including a study on the reuse of refractory sand. Boy, I was afraid they might miss that one. Talk about your national priorities. Anyhow, say goodbye to your money, folks.

Have a Happy and Blessed New Year. Don’t forget that we now work more than half the year to pay all the taxes that are levied on us. I have a list of all the taxes we pay. When your stomachs have settled down I might link you to all those.

(By-the-by, if you decide that you want to print all these out, be forewarned that there are a few short of 700 pages of them.)

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