Enviro-Whacko’s Are “Green” In More Ways Than One

Here’s an interesting article on 20 of the 100 highest grossing law firms in the country. What kind of law do you think they practice? Why, environmental law, of course. And Global Climate change law in particular.

I’ll bet you didn’t know there was that kind of green in them thar hills, did you?


This Kind Of Narrows The Choices

If you try to wade through all the detritus that the candidates throw at us to make us think their particular qualifications are the best to solve the problem they have set up, read this and consider it.

Thank God President Bush hasn’t been listening to these voices like LBJ did or we’d have another ViettNam on our hands right now.

This may be the most important thing you read about the election and the candidates. Don’t listen to the sirens on the rocks!

Here’s Some Easy Fun Money

Well, maybe not easy but it’s there nonetheless. It’s just been raised to $150,000.00 so you better jump in now before somebody takes it away from you. It’s here at Junk Science. While you’re there click on “HOME” for JS, and on their home page scroll down to “January 3, 2008” and read about the new study that shows that North Atlantic warming is tied to natural variability. Darn pesky studies. How’s an enviro-whacko going to save the world if they keep coming up with these studies.

Abortion Protestor Bludgeoned – MSM Silent

I know. You’re saying, “So, what else is new?”. I wish this would get forwarded to a million people to help expose the hypocrisy of the “news” media. They have gone beyond what is referred to as Advocacy Journalism. They are now into Advocate and Suppress Journalism.

The article is HERE.