NHS is Sending Patients to India!

I wasn’t going to bother blogging tonight but this one has to be circulated. It is the latest outrage being visited on the English people by their government and the lying promises that were made when their National Health Service was set up. Make no mistake. This is what awaits us under whatever fancy plan the dems come up with. It all amounts to putting lipstick on a pig.

The Astute Bloggers has the article.

This same outrage would be happening to the Canadians if they didn’t have the U.S. as a safety valve. I’m still shaking my head over how the English have been so stupid.


Readin’, Writin’, and Warmin’

Investor’s Business Daily has the article.

I don’t know why this tactic should surprise anyone. The gays are using the same playbook. They have gotten into the schools and are now part of the curriculum to teach children that their form of perverted sex is simply “another life-style choice”, thus insuring a fresh supply of sex partners for the foreseeable future.

Now the man-caused globull warming crowd is using the same idea to enforce a kind of incrementalism such that our children will excoriate their parents for being so crass and cruel to not do something immediately about AGW. Why, how could we just stand around and let the polar bears drown while Al Gore was telling us that the world is going to hell in a hand basket.

Our only hope are the parents that have taken their children out of the public schools and have them in a private, better yet, Christian school.

Uh-Oh. The Arctic Sea Ice is Back!

THE ASTUTE BLOGGERS has the hot (sorry) scoop right here. To quote their opening line, “GLOBAL WARMING HYSTERIA ALERT: Attention: Environmentalists, Democrats, Europeans, Movie Stars, Nobel Panelists, …you’ve all been had”.

Even so, you’ll still hear the fools at the Weather Channel and CNN talking as if it is an accomplished and proven fact that we are going to literally burn up in a few years.

Bishop Fined and Sent for Re-Education for Not Hiring Gay

Well, here’s another nail in the coffin of the free exercise of religion. This time it’s in London but sooner or later it will be in San Francisco or Houston or Austin. You know that gay’s Holy Grail is to force the church to accept their perverted lifestyle choice. They also are after teaching positions in lower grades because their raison d’etre is recruitment. When statistics show that they have an average of 100 different lovers in their lifetime you need to keep a fresh supply coming. Since they often use drugs to lure their new lovers, in time these lovers are addicts that are good for nothing and are kicked out on the streets. It’s not a pretty scene. They’re NOT just like you and I are.

Christians: Hasta la vista CA schools!

It’s happening faster than I thought. This article at The Conservative Voice details the effect of the state of Californication’s new bill mandating the teaching of “alternative lifestyles” in the classroom. In case you are tempted to say that what goes on in Californication stays in Californication you haven’t been paying attention for the last few decades. Just wait a few years. The perverts will gain steam from here. Their campaign of “We’re just like you are. We just want to live and love like you do” has been successful. They have wooed enough normal people into believing their lies to enable them to get legislatures to roll over for them. The Defense of Marriage act does nothing to stop this social train wreck from happening.

For further proof of the effectiveness of their campaign please consider how they got the MSM to remove any reference to homosexuality in the national embarrasment to the Catholic church of the so-called “Pedophile priests”. They were homosexuals who were recruited in the Catholic seminaries. So have any use of the “h” word been avoided in the references to teachers and sexual contact with students. Those occurrences will be going up now. You just won’t hear about all of them.

They have a lock on the national teachers union, as well. Wait for this to become a national phenomenon.

What A Slap In The Face For Any Scientist

This is a very succinct statement from Greenie Watch on the greens and their tactics. It won’t make any difference to them. They will still make their unsubstantiated, unfounded, baseless claims about the causes of climate change as though nobody else had said anything nay about their position. It is ironic that they accuse their detractors of having chutzpah. I’ve never seen such a display of it by anyone as I’ve seen from the Gore-liks.