Christians: Hasta la vista CA schools!

It’s happening faster than I thought. This article at The Conservative Voice details the effect of the state of Californication’s new bill mandating the teaching of “alternative lifestyles” in the classroom. In case you are tempted to say that what goes on in Californication stays in Californication you haven’t been paying attention for the last few decades. Just wait a few years. The perverts will gain steam from here. Their campaign of “We’re just like you are. We just want to live and love like you do” has been successful. They have wooed enough normal people into believing their lies to enable them to get legislatures to roll over for them. The Defense of Marriage act does nothing to stop this social train wreck from happening.

For further proof of the effectiveness of their campaign please consider how they got the MSM to remove any reference to homosexuality in the national embarrasment to the Catholic church of the so-called “Pedophile priests”. They were homosexuals who were recruited in the Catholic seminaries. So have any use of the “h” word been avoided in the references to teachers and sexual contact with students. Those occurrences will be going up now. You just won’t hear about all of them.

They have a lock on the national teachers union, as well. Wait for this to become a national phenomenon.

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