I Can’t Believe What’s Happening In This Country

This is another of those jaw-dropping, “I can’t believe he said this” kind of articles. It’s from Beyond Babylon. It’s really from hell, to tell you the truth. I’m dumb-founded. I can’t even think of anything to describe this. If you have friends that would benefit from reading this, please forward it. This man is looking more dangerous every day.


“You can’t handle the truth!”

Seeking Alpha has an article titled, “The Lighter Side of Tax Cuts”. I’ve already commented online. I’m getting sick of seeing this kind of stuff and seeing no reaction to it. I know the dems already have their new tax plans ready to implement if they win the White House.

Embryonic Stem Cells Still Not Ready

A quote from the article found here;

“Directing embryonic stem cells to efficiently differentiate into a specific cell type has been challenging to this point,”

Let’s see if we can translate this quote from one of the lab toadies. He can’t use the words “difficult” or “impossible” because he has to be aware of his boss needing to keep his huge grant from the government. Therefore he uses the wiggle word “challenging”. They want to keep killing pre-born infants for those stem cells folks. Even though there has not been one single cure associated with embryonic stem cells as opposed to a plethora of maladies that have been fixed or cured by adult stem cells. It’s astonishing how grant money and a clouded mind can keep a useless issue alive.

Gore in “panic mode”

How funny. AFA has a story from an English environmental analyst that claims that Al baby is panicking because he might lose the millions he has invested in his carbon credit trading business. Part of his problem is due to the English courts ruling that his movie, An Inconvenient…ad nauseum, is riddled with falsehoods. DO TELL! Who would’ve guessed.

MSM’s Haditha lie crumbles some more

Our seditious media are losing their cause celebré. The fourth of five accused of pre-meditated murder of civilians in Haditha have been declared innocent after an expenditure of huge amounts of time and money investigating the charges. As well as being after the media essentially branded them as crazed killers and guilty until proven innocent. You will also remember that “cut-and-run” John Murtha made much hay with this story when it broke. He used it to call for immediate and total withdrawal of all troops from Iraq and Afghanistan before more incidents such as this become commonplace. The story is in FRONTPAGEMAG.com.